Thanks for the card, gift and antenna bracing. You came to my aid when no one else did. Colleen and I enjoyed working with you and your crew. We worked well together and the quality of your work was beyond my expectations. We hope you have a wonderful new year!!

The RNR Construction team has been a home and business builder for years. Personally, and most recently, the company headed the construction-effort on our country home near La Valle, Wisconsin. RNR Construction supervised the project from the ground up, and our home is among the best in the community. Additionally, for several years, members of this team contracted work as CRT Construction in Richmond, Virginia. This was a very large and successful operation for CRT Construction. The East Coast construction business included restoration projects and new high-rise buildings in the downtown area of Richmond, Virginia. Due to personal reasons, CRT Construction was sold, and members moved back to family in Wisconsin. I do not believe there will be any problems with RNR Construction on your project or projects. RNR Construction and team are well qualified to satisfy your needs on any building project that needs addressed.

Thank you very much, RNR! It was a pleasure working with you and I will most certainly recommend you to anyone in need of your services.

I am giving this letter of recommendation for RNR Construction. RNR has worked for us on several projects which include a 10 Unit Townhouse in Loganville, WI, a 20 Unit Townhouse in Bristol, WI and 2 duplexes in Loganville, WI. RNR has a very good reputation in finishing project to meet code, in a timely fashion and does good work. I would highly recommend RNR. I’m looking forward to using RNR’s services again for a project I have in Racine, WI. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.

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